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mba (2009-11)

MARC is one of the best colleges in Bangalore. This college has given me plenty of opportunities to realize my dreams of becoming successful in life. It will teach you things you didn’t know before and give you skills that will be very useful in the business world. If you want to do an MBA in the future just go ahead and join this college without any doubts in your mind. Yes, MARC has transformed us from having limited mindsets to having broad horizons. I can say with confidence, after the MARC Experience: The World Is My Playground.


mba (2009-11)

The words below the MARC signboard read “Mark Of Quality”. It may appear as an innocuous phrase at first glance but not so to when you know Mr UK Sharma, our Chairman cum Director. His vision of Quality is backed by deeds which one can see set in motion at MARC. Mr. Sharma and his team AQMI, the founding fathers of MARC, have ensured that some of that Quality has percolated down to us and have set us on the path to become competent managers “MARC” is one of the best MBA Institutions. It has given me ample opportunities for personal growth. It has great infrastructure with good computer lab and library facilities. The lecturers are very friendly and so is our Director.


mba (2010-12)

The institute has a homely environment. The classes helped me realize my potential and set my career goals. MARC has some of the best faculty and I am getting the best global business knowledge. MARC is not only fulfilling the promise it made but also delivering more than that. I must say the MARC is one of the best Institutes in Bangalore. I have significantly improved my communication skills. I am happy to have chosen this Institution. It is fully committed to providing quality education and employs the services of knowledgeable Professors.


mba (2010-12)

This institute offers a perfect combination of discipline and fun with good faculty and facilities. I must say that MARC is the one of the top institutes of Bangalore. My communication skills have improved enormously. I am very lucky to be here. I have significantly improved my communication skills. I am happy to have chosen this college. Thanks a million MARC!


mba (2009-11)

My MBA experience in MARC has helped me discover hidden talents which were not known. At MARC, we were provided with the best faculty and wonderful Infrastructure. Individual attention was given to students at all points of time. Training was given to us in all aspects on the workings of a business setup. This has helped us learn how to cope with the corporate world.


mba (2013-15)

Everyone has a dream but only few get the right wings to make your dream come True and for me those wings were MARC B School and its management, I am grateful to their help and tailor made MBA program which helped me to excel in my career.


mba (2009-11)

Will I ever get to work in these companies with huge paycheques and great work cultures? This thought was running through my mind when I took my first ride to MARC. Oracle Corporation, Honeywell, IBM, Accenture, HSBC, etc are some of the excellent firms that are located on BG road before MARC. On the other end of this road is Bengaluru’s very own National Park. One part of this long road was a passport to a better life while the other end was that of confinement, of limitations. As any new student, I was skeptical of how a start up institution like MARC will help me fullfil my ambitions. But I was pleasantly proved wrong. MARC has helped me to discover my talents. It also helped me to utilize and explore the opportunities around.


mba (2009-11)

MARC is one of the most amazing colleges located in Bangalore. This college has given me excellent education and it places emphasis on Quality above Quantity. I am proud to study in the college and will also take the opportunity to thank our directors and lecturers for their kind support. As a student I suggest you to feel the MARC Experience and not give a chance for second thoughts. Just grab the opportunity to study in our college.


mba (2010-12)

MARC taught me and my fellow classmates, lessons that will hold us in good stead for the rest of our lives. Faculty who can bring out the best in average students and also spar with those intellectually gifted helped me get a wholesome Management education. Holding a mere graduate degree is not enough in today’s tough corporate world. To cope in this world a person needs good guidance. I am getting the best guidance from this college.

Siv Challa

Marketing Management

mba (2014-2016)

MARC ensure me at every step of my career that I can win.The management is extremely efficient and the faculty are friendly.Thanks to my college for providing me with the best memories of my life.

Ankita Roy

Human Resource Management

mba (2014-2016)

I can positively say MARC School of Business has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself. Faculties are very caring and interested in students’ well-being. I like the friendly atmosphere here and the fact the teachers are really close to the students. We are very supported in our studies. I have always felt that I was so lucky to be a student at MARC School of Business. I have emerged as a new individual after being a part of MARC. All Thanks to my college and our guides for future. Thank you MARC.

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