Certificate Program in Analytics

Certificate Program in Analytics

The future belongs to those who can use data to the fullest potential. Companies gain strategic advantage by capturing crucial market information, by gathering and interpreting data on consumer behaviour, by presenting information for important quick decision making and by assuring that they have maximised their profits and optimised every process in their business.

MARC School of Business in partnership with SuSapta has designed a certification program in Analytics. The program is structured into 4 modules with flexibility of entry-exit-re entry. The need for graduates with a strong analytical background has never been higher. Companies and governments world over have a high demand for professionals with theoretical knowledge and high skills in using analytical tools like MS excel, SPSS, SAS, etc.

Course Outline

Module 1: Introduction to Business Analytics (24 hours)

  • Fundamentals of Statistics
  • Basics of Information Systems – ERP, DW, BI

Module 2: Data Analysis using IBM-SPSS (24 hours)

  • Descriptive analysis – reporting, dashboards
  • Predictive analysis – forecasting, regression
  • Prescriptive analysis – optimisation, simulation
  • Decisive analysis – decision support

Module 3: Comprehensive MS Excel (24 hours)

  • Data Entry / Organisation
  • Data Processing / Analysis
  • Data Visualisation / Reporting

Module 4: Excel Modelling and Business Analysis (24 hours)

  •  Forecasting- Trend Analysis, Seasonality factors and other influencing factors like advertising
  •  Variance Analysis – Budget Vs Actual variance, Root Cause Analysis,  Bridge Chart
  •  Business Modelling – Revenue projections, Cost analysis, Break-even & Pay-back analysis
  •  Project Evaluation – Time value of money, Discounted Cash Flow, Return Analysis
  •  Bloopers – Growth errors (-ve base), Sum-product errors, Average and Std Deviation errors
  •  MS-Excel Tool Coverage – Data table, Goal Seek, Formulas, Solver, Macros, Pivot Table


  • Course registrations are open round the year.
  • Candidates with a solid foundation in mathematics, statistics, computers or finance will be best suited for this course.
  • Fees: ₹32,000. Students of Smart MBA Plus are waived of all fee.

Training Partners

SuSaptaSuSapta is an organisation formed by 7 (Sapta) friends with a vision to catalyse the community development through education. Learn more www.susapta.com

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